Public Relation Services

Public Relations

At PPLA Social + PR, we believe in thinking outside the box. Our main goal is to identify your brand’s core values and short and long-term goals and then create public relations strategies that are in line with driving brand awareness, customer loyalty, and media exposure. Our approach combines tools from traditional public relations with social media and digital marketing and employs strong content creation and key messaging in building brand recognition. Our placements include broadcast TV, radio, print, online, podcasts, streaming TV and more.

Event Publicity

A key tool for any successful client is the execution of events from launch parties and red carpet premieres to pop ups and experiential events. PPLA Social + PR works with clients to manage these events including event planning, guest list coordination, media confirmations and more.


Once you have the right message and strong content, the next step is spreading the word. Marketing requires strategy and execution to be truly effective. We look at all opportunities for marketing for our clients including traditional marketing like radio ads, paid TV spots, or billboards to digital and social media marketing to ambassador programs and influencer collaborations. We help each client identify the right path to marketing based on their goals and budget.

Social Media

We offer social media management services to our clients including content creation and community management. When it comes to social media, content is king. We create strategies to target your content to the right audience demographic for your brand and convert casual followers to engaged fans. We research your audience, including key customer demographics and analyze your data for past successes and failures. Once we’ve built a foundation, we perfect the tone and aesthetic to optimize communication to reach, engage, and build a community of loyal fans.